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Our Journey to Holiness
Written by Eric Lo   
Tuesday, 08 July 2008

Do you know every Christian has a vocation to holiness?


In a talk given at our group retreat, Fr. Francis Ching taught us that we have to keep ourselves steadfast in conquering sin. Our eventual victory over sin will lead us to holiness more triumphantly. He elaborated the steps to holiness and stressed the importance of resisting sin and growing in virtues.


Fr. Francis reminded us to always have trust in Jesus for His guidance and grace. Jesus will strengthen our power to resist temptations and to grow in holiness.


Audio recordings of Fr. Francis' talks (in Cantonese) are now available for download.



1. Introduction audio 44 mins
2. Obstacles to Spiritual Growth audio 54 mins

3. Means and Aids to Spiritual Growth

    - Part 1

    - Part 2

    - Miscellaneous



51 mins

37 mins

6 mins


Prayer Group Meetings

Date: 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month

Time: 3:45pm

Location: CMCC Room 203


All are welcome.