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The CMCC Charismatic Prayer Group is committed to building a mature and caring Christian community with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Through continuous nurture and renewal, we will grow into vigorous members of the Body of Christ, and will be able to evangelize the Gospel, serve the Church and the parish effectively by cultivating and exercising the spiritual gifts that we have received at baptism. With God's grace, we will strive towards the call to holiness in a spirit of unity.


Eucharistic Celebration & Healing Service with Fr. Bill Comerford
Written by Iry Lee   
Thursday, 11 December 2008

On Sept 25, 2008, Fr. Bill Comerford celebrated evening mass with healing service with us at CMCC.
In his sermon, Fr. Comerford reminded us that there is healing grace in every Eucharistic celebration. At suitable time and place, we as a group may pray for the special intention of healing. Fr. Comerford led us through a forgiveness prayer because forgiveness is the foundation of healing.
Towards the end, Fr. Comerford encouraged participants to share their needs and we interceded for one another. We felt that the Holy Spirit had been guiding us the whole night. Many parishioners found Fr. Comerford's dynamic prayer style very helpful.
Praise the Lord!

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Prayer Group Meetings

Date: 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month

Time: 3:45pm

Location: CMCC Room 203


All are welcome.

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