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Encountering Christ through St.Paul the Apostle
Written by Iry Lee   
Saturday, 31 January 2009


In Dec 2008, Fr.Francis Chong of St.Agnes Tsao Kwei Ying Parish gave a comprehensive teaching on St.Paul during an Advent Day Retreat. The theme was “Encountering Christ through St.Paul the Apostle”. He mainly divided his teaching in two parts. In Part 1 he focused on introducing the life of St.Paul, his background, his conversion, evangelization and martyrdom. In the second part, Fr Chong gave a comprehensive introduction on some main themes of St.Paul’s teaching, which includes the Triumph of the Cross, love, and how to resolve conflicts in a Christian community.


Fr. Chong is an excellent speaker. His teaching is precise and easy to follow. Hope we can all learn more about St.Paul through these talks. And we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Fr.Chong for permitting us to record and broadcast his teaching on our group web.


1. Part 1 - Life of St. Paul audio 50 mins
2. Part 2 - Main Themes of St. Paul's Teaching audio 75 mins


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